SGM,RW Queen O' AirAndDarkness of BlueBlaze

Clam Chowder Darkover 2006
Clam Chowder performing at Darkovercon 2006
First off, we call our beautiful black and white spay Karma simply because it was meant to be.

When it came time to choose a registered name for Karma, her highly contrasted black and white led us to name her after the Queen of Air and Darkness, a common way of referring to the Queen of the Fairies.

Our strongest tie to the Queen of Air and Darkness is the Hugo and Nebula award-winning novella by Poul Anderson. The novella features a poem/song, coincidently also entitled Queen of Air and Darkness.

Clam Chowder (the group, not the soup!) performs a wonderful version of the song, which Kathy Sobansky has set to music. The refrain "And the dance weaves under the firethorn" is particularly haunting and will echo through your head long after the song is over.
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