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Karma & Karma
SGM,RW Queen O' AirAndDarkness of BlueBlaze
Black and White Spay
2003 TICA Northeast Best HHP Kitten
2003 TICA Northeast 17th Best HHP
2004 TICA Northeast 2nd Best HHP
2005 TICA Northeast 11th Best HHP
2006 TICA Northeast 17th Best HHP
Karma is a very special cat, that was clear from the very first time we saw her. That was 19 October 2002, when Karma was just 4 months old, at the T.Z. Cats show in Orangeburg, NY. During the course of the show, Karma appeared on both of our judging tables, garnering 2 Best HHP kittens and 2 hearts. Karma was part of a litter being fostered by Kathy Keeley, and was known by the unsightly name of Fila, accompanied by her littermates: Adidas, Sketcher, Nike and Reebok. By the end of the next day at the show, Karma had a new home at BlueBlaze.

Karma went on to be the Best HHP Kitten in the Northeast that year, and has been shown in at least one or two shows every year since then, just for fun. She loves to be shown, and is the consummate show cat, strutting shamelessly on the judge's table.

At home, Karma enjoys terrorizing each new litter of kittens, making it clear just who is in charge, and who get first "dibs" on Mommy. Fortunately, the kittens don't take her seriously.

In May 2006, Karma was immortalized in clay by sculptor Amy Lacombe, famous for creating the Whimsiclay cats.
Karma & her trophies
Karma and her trophies for TICA NE Region HHP Kitten of the year
Karma at home in October 2006
Karma at home in October 2006
Karma at home
Karma at home
Karma at GeneTICAts 2004
Karma being judged by Mary Arnold at
GeneTICAts, April 2004
Karma in the window
Karma in the Window
Karma in the kitty kondo
Karma in the Kitty Kondo
Do those kittens know she's there?
Karma's last HHP kitten show
Karma's Last HHP Kitten Show
(she's in there, really!)
Karma & Dood
Karma and her best buddy, The Dood
aka SGM,RW The Grand Illusion of Desertmoon
photo by Jim Child
Karma & Littermate
Adidas and Karma
photo by Jim Child

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