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Rouge-lette comes to us from our sister cattery in Pittsburgh, Kennebec. We were immediately attracted to Rogue's heavy boning, and her outstanding eye color, and thought Rogue would be a wonderful breeding cat.

Unfortunately, Rogue had other ideas. Try as we might, she just didn't get pregnant. Eventually we just had to stop trying, and let Rogue be a happy pet.

The call-name, Rogue, comes from Rogue of the X-Men (the original comic book version), who is a very strong, forthright character. Rogue always had a lot of personality, and always went her own way. When she was still a kitten, we started calling her "Rogue-lette" because she was just a little Rogue, and it stuck.

Rogue's Pedigree
Kennebec Mournblade of BlueBlaze
Black Smoke and White Maine Coon Spay
Rogue Rogue

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