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Elektra's Other Cats
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For years, I resisted the temptation of those adorable ceramic cats with the funny whiskers . . . then I spent an interesting week visiting in Humble, TX, and my good friend Carol Sue gave me one as a gift. One soon became many.
Recently, I was even able to have the whimsical version of several of our cats created by Amy Lacombe herself.
I proudly present my "other cats." At least these don't need to be fed. . . .

Custom Made Whimsiclay Ace Custom Made Whimsiclay Demon Custom Made Whimsiclay Karma
Certification of Authenticity Certification of Authenticity Certification of Authenticity
Whimsiclay Dottie Amy Lacombe's Whimsiclay Whimsiclay Lisa & Monarch
Whimsiclay Laurie Whimsiclay Megan
Whimsiclay Limited Edition Fireman Whimsiclay Lovestuck Whimsiclay Limited Edition Policeman
Whimsiclay Leo Whimsiclay Inferno Whimsiclay Lou
Whimsiclay Lily Whimsiclay Midnight Love Whimsiclay Rainbow
Whimsiclay Tango Whimsiclay Shimmy Whimsiclay Quilt
Whimsiclay Peggy Sue Whimsiclay Tropical Fish Whimsiclay Pirate
Whimsiclay Yankee Doodle Kitty Whimsiclay Stars & Stripes Whimsiclay G.I. Jane
Whimsiclay Lydia Whimsiclay Romeo
Whimsiclay Cree pella Whimsiclay Lucky Whimsiclay Katzumi
Whimsiclay Captain Crossbones

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