Michael Hammond
Ithaca, NY 14850-3537
voice (607) 279-6048 / fax (607) 277-2216
email korann@accel.cornell.edu

Work Experience:
May 1999 - Present
Technical Lead for Academic Computing Center at Engineering Library (ACCEL)
Innovative approaches to undergraduate technical education. Linux System administration. Integration with Windows NT/Windows 2000. Network design and security. Supervision of student system administrators. Technical consulting for Engineering Administration systems. Classroom technology.

September 1980 - Present
Hardware and Software Consulting for Industry, Academia and Government
Proprietor - Troika Systems

August 1983 - Present
Technical Instruction
Author - Unix System and Network Administration; Introduction to Linux
Technical Editor - Client/Server Programming
Senior Course Instructor - Specializing in TCP/IP, Unix, C & DataComm
Custom Courses in System Administraion, Solaris, Linux, TCP/IP, Unix, C, DEC Athena and related topics

December 1997 - August 1998
Senior Software Engineer - Pathlight Technologies
Design and creation of software and protocols on Solaris systems using C, Java, SNMP, TCP/IP for graphical network management of storage area network (SAN) router utilizing Serial Storage Architecture (SSA), SCSI and Fiber Channel.

January 1990 - May 1991
System Programming
Workstation Advocate - Cornell National Supercomputer Facility
Advise faculty and staff on operating systems, parallel and distributed programming. Port applications to all platforms for use at facility. Beta test AIX (IBM Unix clone). Advise system and network administrators.

September 1987 - April 1989
Unix and Real-Time System Design and Programming
Senior Software Engineer - Ironics Inc.
Update complete suite of drivers. Write PROM monitor for new board. Program board integrity tests. Renovate Unix kernel and application software. Review Unix system implementation by third party. Advise hardware designers on software implications of designs. Create new SCSI-CCS device driver for updated system, including specifying new peripherals and design for Disconnect/Reconnect. Create and modify user utilities. Port public domain utilities. Evaluate alternate Unix strategies. Port ROM software and real-time software tools.

November 1982 - February 1987
Computer Facility Management
Department of Electrical Engineering (Cornell)
Supervise startup of computer facility for department.
Organize and supervise support staff. Advise faculty on Computer decisions. Operating system modifications and enhancements for Berkeley 4.xBSD and System V.2. Device drivers for frame buffers. Hardware and software installation. Beta test 4.3BSD on VAX. Beta test Unix emulation on Data General MV/8000. Beta test native Unix on DG MV/8000. Install Ethernet network. Port C and Fortran programs to 4.xBSD, System V, DG/UX and HP/UX. Microcomputer consulting. Participate in joint study with IBM(IX/370).

January 1981 - November 1982
System Manager
Department of Computer Science (Cornell)
Supervise VAX and PDP-11 Unix Installation. Acquire additional VAX capacity System programming. Beta test Ithaca Intersystems Z8000 system with Coherent(Unix clone). Beta test 4.2BSD. Diagnose Software and Hardware Faults. Participate in joint study with IBM(VM/IX).

September 1979 - January 1981
Computing Support
Graduate School of Business (Cornell)
Supervise student programmers. Technical consulting for research and instruction. Evaluation of proposals for new in-house computer. Organization of reasonable support structure. Extensive use of VM/CMS and Tops-20 operating systems.

January, 1979 - Cornell University BA

Computer Languages:
C, Java, FORTRAN, C++, Ada, Assembler (Motorola, Intel & DEC), PL/I, Pascal

Operating Systems:
Linux (Mandrake, Red Hat, et. al.), Unix System V (Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, DG/UX, et. al.), Unix 4.x BSD (BSD, Ultrix, SunOS)

References available upon request.

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