BlueBlaze Queens - Yofranlin Rebma of BlueBlaze
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Rebma reclining
Yofranlin Rebma of BlueBlaze
Silver Mackerel Torbie Maine Coon Female

Yofranlin Rebma of BlueBlaze came to us from good friend and fellow judge Frances Yow, in North Carolina. She is the daughter of our own CH BlueBlaze Faiella-Bionin aka "Fey," who moved on to North Carolina after spending her early years here, and Little Chief (Yofranlin Little Chief Big Man), a son of MaryB's Chief White Cloud. She is half sister to one of our stud cats, Wally. Rebma has had several litters with our senior stud, Ace, and produced a rainbow of kittens each time. One of her daughters, CH BlueBlaze Nova yos'Galen is also a part of the BlueBlaze breeding program.

Rebma was tested for the MybPC3 gene mutation [HCM DNA test] by the Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory at Washington State University and found negative.

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Rebma's Third Litter
Rebma's Pedigree

Rebma's HCM DNA Test Results

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