BlueBlaze Queens - BlueBlaze Cantra of Kennebec
TGC,RW Florabunda Faux Paw of Kennebec X CH BlueBlaze Esmay Suiza

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BlueBlaze Cantra of Kennebec
Black & White Maine Coon Female
Chunky is a result of the repeat breeding between Esmay and TGC,RW Florabunda Faux Paw of Kennebec aka "Fuzzbutt." This breeding had produced such beautiful kittens the first time including CH BlueBlaze Heris Serrano, that we opted to try again, once again with spectacular results. Chunky is co-owned by BlueBlaze and our sister cattery in Pittsburgh, Kennebec. Chunky's unusual (read: goofy) markings, and exceptionally heavy boning made her an absolute keeper from early on.

Chunky was tested for the MybPC3 gene mutation [HCM DNA test] by the Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Laboratory at Washington State University and found negative.

Chunky's Sire                Chunky's Dam

Chunky's Pedigree

Cantra's HCM DNA Test Results
Cantra Cantra
Cantra Cantra

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