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QGC BlueBlaze Arafel The Last Elf


Arafel 1
QGC BlueBlaze Arafel The Last Elf
Brown Classic Tabby
Arafel 2
Arafel is a large spayed female, born in September 1994. She is a third generation BlueBlaze cat. Her parents are SGC,IW CoonCreole Cajun Cowboy, and SGC BlueBlaze White Winds Adept Kethry. She made major contributions to BlueBlaze, beginning her auspicious career by becoming a one-show grand at the age of 8 months. She went on to become a quadruple grand before retiring from the show ring to have kittens. She was the 1995 TICA Northeast Region 2nd Best Maine Coon kitten, and the 1996 TICA Northeast Region 12th Best Longhair Cat, and 3rd Best Maine Coon. Ari is the mother of GRC BlueBlaze Zaphod Beeblebrox [of Furkats], CH Blueblaze Faiella-Bionin, CH BlueBlaze Silverado of Kennebec, CH Blueblaze Lady Floire Jausserande, & SGC,RW BlueBlaze Demon O' The Snow.

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