Yofranlin Strygwaldir of BlueBlaze
Silver Mackerel Tabby Maine Coon Male
Date of Birth: June 2006
Breeder: Frances N Yow    ~    Owner: Elektra/Mike Hammond
TICA# SBT 052005 056
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
CH Yofranlin's Little Chief Big Man
TICA SBT 031397 011
CFA 1702-1154841
Br/Ow: Frances N. Yow
CH MaryB's Chief White Cloud
TICA SBT 010683 007
CFA 1702-165196
CH MaryB's Gandalf
TICA SB 013179 002
CFA 1702-000029
CH MaryB Bombadril
Brown McTabby, TICA SB 021678 004
CH Maone Bilbo Baggins of MaryB
Whittemore Mandy of MaryB
CH LeBeauMinu Preciouss of MaryB
White, TICA SB 101577 002
LeBeauMinu Prince Charming
Magnificoon Snow Crystal of LeBeauMinu
SGC HeidiHo Lady Arwen of MaryB
Silver McTabby
TICA SB 061181 003
CFA 1737-085149
CH HeidiHo Sonkey Bill
Silver McTabby, CFA 1736M-000011
CH HeidiHo Henry Sayward
CH HeidiHo Henrietta Katt
Tanstaafl Polly Adeline
Brown Tabby, TICA SB 110577 002
CH Nantiss Ian McTabby of Tanstaafl
Melchizedek Susie Q of Tanstaafl
Amkat's Blazing Star of Yofranlin
Brown McTorbie ww
TICA SBT 050889 007
CFA 1759-556273
TGC Maineline Spenser of Kittykoon
Brown McTabby
TICA SBT 010887 009
CFA 1744-378530
SGC MtKittery Rumford of Maineline
Brown Tabby, TICA SB 072183 002
GRC MtKittery Schoodic
CH HeidiHo Aurora of MtKittery
Purricoon Katie of Maineline
Brown Tabby, TICA SB 051885 010
CH Januwin Chip of Purricoon
Mainberg Her Suit of Purricoon
CH Kayenta's Poppy of Amkat
Brown McTorbie ww
TICA SBT 041882 004
CFA 1759-114560
CH HeidiHo Sonkey Bill
Silver McTabby, CFA 1736M-000011
CH HeidiHo Henry Sayward
CH HeidiHo Henrietta Katt
Kerrykit's Adamina of Kayenta
Red Tabby ww, CFA 1741-053846
CH Ktaadn King Kristophson
Kerrykit Shannon
Talshipp Georgie Girl of Yofranlin
Brown Torbie
TICA SBT 060602 057
Br: Victoria Shipp
Ow: Frances Yow
CoonCreole Andouille of Coquille
Brown Smoke Tabby
TICA SBT 121698 018
CFA 1736-1259084
SGC,RW Britches Derby of MtKittery
TICA SBT 012597 006
CFA 1702-1132148
SGC Incognito of Mainiac
TICA SBT 081892 012
TGC Islandcats Brock of Mainiac
Chessmates Brandy Sunlight
SGC Mysticoon Clementine of Britches
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 041093 005
SGC,OS CoonCreole Papilion of Britches
CH,OD Willowplace Starlight Express
CH CoonCreole Adelaide of Coquille
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 051693 003
CFA 1745-864033
SGC,IW,OS CoonCreole Crescent City Classic Brown Tabby, TICA SBT 042590 008 SGC Tennessee of CoonCreole
Fleur de Lis of CoonCreole
CH CatCall Magnolia of CoonCreole
White, TICA SBT 042992 016
SGC Emlu Novecientosvienticinco
Prispurr Princess Jasmine of CatCall
Talshipp Eliza Adams of Coquille
Brown Torbie
TICA SBT 061500 017
CFA 1787-1385550
CH Crooners Purry Como of Talshipp
Blue Silver Tabby ww
TICA SBT 030496 007
CFA 1791-1064768
CH Legermaine Indigo of Dreamaines
Blue ww, TICA SBT 092594 019
Coonriggers Cloud Clipper
Crooners Suite Xuxa
Crooners Carol-of-the-Bells
Silver Torbie, CFA 1785-967813
Coons'kin Cats Hootnanny of Crooners
Coonriggers Mermaid of Crooners
Acrith's Rose Gangee
Red Silver Tabby
TICA SBT 092796 028
CFA 1767-1198320
SGC Talshipp Jimcatfishhunter of Acrith
Red Tabby, TICA SBT 022593 007
Talshipp Joseph Wheeler
Crooners Vingilot of Talshipp
Sweetcoons Catillac of Acrith
Red Tabby, CFA 1741-824859
Charmalot Two Gun Tommy
Acrith Sweet Maggie Mae of Sweetcoons
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