CH Kibbutzkats Maccabee
Red Silver Mackerel Tabby & White Maine Coon Male
Date of Birth: 24 July 2004
Breeder/Owner: Gloria Rowson
TICA# SBT 070404 047    -    CFA# 9766-1497651
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
GRC Sunfall Negus
Brown McTabby ww
TICA SBT 021999
CFA 1778-1248129
CH Sunfall Mach One
Blue McTabby ww
TICA SBT 093097
CFA 9752-1167105
CH Hertzmick Pon Far of Sunfall
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 051795
CFA 1744-1009450
Hertzmick Kokadjo The Clown
Brown Tabby ww, CFA 1792-908964
GRC Hertzmick Lookout for Colby
Hertzmick Peaches
Willowplace Brandy of Hertzmick
Brown Tabby, CFA 1745-841788
GRC Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace
Marimick Maverique of Willowplace
CH Doxaby Illya of Sunfall
Blue ww
CFA 1791-653881
Maineline Sheridan
Black, CFA 1708-504276
GRC MtKittery Rumford of Maineline
CH Kiskata Maxie
Abristine Patchwork of Doxaby
Blue McTorbie ww, CFA 1759-630032
Koonyak Noah of Abristine
Kaizoku Fox of Doxaby
CH Sunfall B'Lana
Brown Tabby ww
TICA SBT 051597
CH Morekats Domino of Unicorn Farm
Brown Tabby ww
TICA SBT 010396
CFA 1793-1071593
Skimble King-Of-Hearts of Morekats
Brown Tabby ww, CFA 1792-961171
CH Amkat Maximillian of Calimar
Calabash Red Wing of Skimble
CH Joppacats Lady Josie of Morekats
Blue McTorbie ww,
GRC Kanab Luanne's Bryce of Joppacats
Joppacats Shawnee Girl
CH Sunfall Make It So
Blue Torbie
TICA SBT 053093
CFA 1789-903899
Sunfall Black Bart of Ruba
Brown Tabby, CFA 1744-631815
CH Maineline Sheridan of Chilbrook
Sunfall Phandorah of Coontry
CH Sunfall Texarcoona
Brown Torbie, CFA 1787-631813
CH Chilbrook Peach Sting of Honeycoon
CH Cheeptrills Lady Valkris of Sunfall
SGC,RW Megacoon Smoked Shania Twain
Silver McTorbie ww
TICA SBT 030900
CFA 1723-1326112
Br: Johnnie Hardee
Ow: Gloria Rowson
Capecoon Stevie Ray of Megacoon
Brown Tabby ww
Capecoon Righteous Rider
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 082693
CFA 1744-779485
Willowplace Easy Rider of Capecoon
Brown Tabby, CFA 1744-825508
GRC Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace
Willowplace Anna Arabella
Capecoon Layla
Brown Tabby, CFA 1745-867616
CH Khamsin Brubeck of Capecoon
Coonmora Hugger of Capecoon
Capecoon Caitlin
Brown Tabby ww
CFA 1793-911549
Mad Dash of Capecoon
Brown McTabby, CFA 1792-650439
GRC MtKittery Warren Peace of Coons'kin
Princess Fluffy of Capecoon
Capecoon Natalie
Brown Tabby ww, CFA 1793-540503
Capecoon Commander Cody
Princess Fluffy of Capecoon
Koontucky Bonni Raitt of Megacoon
Red Silver Tabby ww
TICA SBT 022699
Koontucky Southern Comfort
Red Silver Tabby ww
TICA 082296 006
GRC GentleGiants Purrci Faith
Silver Tabby ww, CFA 1792-766934
Calicoon Prince Valiant
Donnahugh Somerset
GRC Koontucky Tabasco Cat
Red McTabby, CFA 1741-1015485
Donnahugh Mechaieh of Edelgreyes
Donnahugh Tobey of Koontucky
Seal With a Kiss of Koontucky
TICA SBT 103195 002
Willowplace Mein Barenjager
Brown Tabby ww, TICA SBT 050192 037
Willowplace Legend
Willowplace China Doll
Yofranlin Mein Edelweiss
White, TICA SBT 072391 012
CH MaryB Chief White Cloud
Amkat Blazing Star of Yofranlin
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