QGC Magikatz Deryni of BlueBlaze
Brown Classic Torbie Maine Coon Female
Date of Birth: 15 November 1999
Breeder: Nora A. Klase / Owner: Elektra/Mike Hammond
TICA# SBT 111599 012   
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
CH Uptownkats Yoda Jedi Master
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 073097 014
Br/Ow: Marie Belluscio
CH Maycoons Newton of Salemcoon
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 022394 031
CFA 1744-931441
GC,RW Adventhill Androscoggin of Maycoons
Brown McTabby
CFA 1744M-821798
CH MtKittery Henry of AdventHill
Brown McTabby, CFA 1744M-491869
GRC/SGC MtKittery's Penobscot
Kiskata Quoddy of MtKittery, DM
Beauport M.C. of AdventHill
Brown McTabby, TICA SBT 070891 018
GRC Napavalley James Brown of Beauport
CH Napavalley Berryessa of Beauport
Beauport's Magalloway of Maycoons
Brown Tabby
CFA 1745-682026
GC Napavalley James Brown of Beauport
Brown McTabby, TICA SBT 123189 016
GRC/SGC Tradewinds Leroy Brown
Acmecats Clawdeend
CH Napavalley Berryessa of Beauport
Brown McTabby, CFA 1745M-515671
CH Coonshine's Hasta B. Shasta
Tradewinds Charo of Napavalley
CH Willowplace The Shadow of Uptown
Silver Tabby
CFA 1737-1054267
GRC StClouds Silverdude of Willowplace
Silver Tabby
CFA 1736-041787
SGC,OS Calicoon Prince Valiant
Red Tabby, TICA SBT 022089 011
SGC Calicoon Hooligan
CH HeidiHo Camille of Calicoon
QGC StClouds Diamond Lil'
Silver McTabby ww, TICA SBT 0829986 011
CH Coonshines Hasta B. Shasta
CH Lagunacoon Mocha Fudge Truffle
CH Willowplace Legendary Facsimile
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 032892 007
TGC Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace
Brown Tabby, TICA SBT 042589 012
Coonquest Beaujolais of Hillside
HeidiHo Danielle Coon of Hillside
SGC Willowplace Renaissance Woman
Brown Tabby, CFA 1745-360337
Tanstaafl Commodore of Willowplace
SGC,OD Willowplace Lilly Snow
Magikatz Fire Rose
Silver Torbie
TICA SBT 082398 030
Br/Ow: Nora A. Klase
DGC Magikatz Camber MacRorie
Red Silver Tabby
TICA SBT 100395 004
CH BlueBlaze Some Call me Tim
Silver Tabby
TICA SBT 092893 003
TGC,SGA,RW BlueBlaze Buckaroo Banzai
Silver Tabby, TICA SBT 122091 001
SGC,IW,OS CoonCreole Crescent City Classic
CH L'Enchantacat Tasha Yar of BlueBlaze
CH L'Enchantacat Tasha Yar of BlueBlaze
Silver Tabby, TICA SBT 052790 006
DGC StClouds Spartagus of L'Enchantacat
Konacoons Leleiona of L'Enchantacat
CH Calimar Anastasia
Red Tabby
TICA SBT 041994 014
GRC Calabash Cooper
Red Tabby, TICA SBT 020391 006
CH Cowtown Q T of Ailurophile
CH Calabash Calamity Jane
Calimar Roxanne
Red Tabby ww, TICA SBT 122092 003
CH Amkat Maximillan of Calimar
Taraknoll Jezebel Anissa of Calimar
CH Dorwill Ariella of Magikatz
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 060196 005
SGC,IW Seascape Caesar of Dorwill
Brown Tabby ww
TICA SBT 092092 008
SGC Willowplace Argus of Seascape
Brown Tabby, TICA SBT 011491 002
TGC Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace
CH Willowplace Rhapsody in Blue
Willowplace Vanessa of Seascape
Brown Tabby ww, TICA SBT 040191 027
QGC Willowplace Snow Leopard
Willowplace Memory
SGC Willowplace Kayla of Dorwill
Brown Tabby, TICA SBT 121893 009
GRC StClouds Silverdude of Willowplace
Silver Tabby, CFA 1736-041787
SGC,OS Calicoon Prince Valiant
QGC StClouds Diamond Lil'
DGC Willowplace Clementine
Silver Torbie, TICA SBT 080692 018
SGC Willowplace Shadrack
Capecoon Shady Lady of Willowplace
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