SGC, RW BlueBlaze Keighvin Silverhair
Silver Mackerel Tabby and White Maine Coon Male
Date of Birth: 20 July 1998
Breeder/Owner: Elektra/Mike Hammond
TICA# SBT 072098 006    -    CFA# 9736-1211275
Parents Grand-Parents 3rd Generation 4th Generation 5th Generation
StarryNights Bad Moon Rising
Brown McTabby ww
TICA SBT 052897 012
CFA 1778-1147936
Br/Ow: Diane Krakoff & Kathy Erario
CH Countrylore's Madison Jake Montgomery
Brown Tabby ww
TICA SBT 022594 040
CFA 1792-913617
GRC Countrylore's Dillinger
Brown Tabby ww
CFA 1792-040071
TGC Mainberg Baron of Forestmanor
Brown Tabby ww, CFA 1792-193722
GRC Purricoon Ciao Maine of Nephrani
CH Mainberg Affection
CH Ailurophile Amber of Countrylore
Brown Tabby, CFA 1745-235109
DGC MtKittery Tycoon of ForestManor
CH Ailurophile Fanny Hill
CH SaraJen Gin Rickey of Countrylore
Brown Tabby
CFA 1745-831380
Capecoon Sturgis of SaraJen
Brown Tabby, TICA SBT 071991 001
GRC Coonmora Travis of Capecoon
Lady Maxine of Capecoon
Capecoon Cory Ann of SaraJen
Brown Torbie, CFF MCP29F5-91184
LeBeauMinu Chester of Capecoon
CH Prsnkty Chloe of Capecoon
CH SaraJen Eclipse of StarryNights
TICA SBT 080595 034
CFA 1709-1032552
GRC SaraJen Alabama Slammer
TICA SBT 091593 005
Capecoon Sturgis of SaraJen
Brown Tabby, TICA SBT 071991 001
GRC Coonmora Travis of Capecoon
Lady Maxine of Capecoon
TGC Willowplace Absinthe of SaraJen
Brown McTabby, TICA SBT 120291 008
GRC Hillside Mr Spock of Willowplace
DGC Willowplace Charlalee
CH Cadenza's Black Onyx of Islandcats
TICA SBT 030594 003
SGC Islandcats Black Arrow
Black, TICA SBT 120791 004
QGC Prispurr King Cotton
M'Coons Cherokee of Islandcats
CH DonnaHugh Aria of Cadenza
Blue, TICA SBT 092592 003
SGC MtKittery Katahdin of DonnaHugh
DonnaHugh Lucerne
CH BlueBlaze Lady Floire Jausserande
Silver Tabby
TICA SBT 052497 005
CFA 1737-1143808
Br/Ow: Elektra/Mike Hammond
GRC BlueBlaze Zaphod Beeblebrox
Silver Tabby
TICA SBT 122894 008
CFA 1736-987737
QGC ARKatz Perfect Tommy of BlueBlaze
Silver Tabby
TICA SBT 090293 005
GRC MtKittery B B Bridger
Brown Tabby, TICA SBT 031592 042
GRC MtKittery Pemaquid
SGC Beauport Colby of MtKittery
CH Rascoons Tequila Sunrise of ARKatz
Silver Torbie, TICA SBT 050592 021
SGC Rascoons Agent Cooper
Macro's Cherry Herring
CH L'Enchantacat Tasha Yar of BlueBlaze
Silver Tabby
TICA SBT 052790 006
DGC StClouds Spartagus of L'Enchantacat
Silver Tabby ww
TICA SBT 061188 005
StClouds Foxfire
QGC StClouds Diamond Lil'
Konacoons Leleiona of L'Enchantacat
Silver Tabby, TICA SBT 020789 006
CH Marala's Kolohe of Kaleki's
Tradewind Lilinoe of Konacoons
QGC BlueBlaze Arafel The Last Elf
Brown Tabby
TICA SBT 091394 003
CFA 1745-957141
SGC,IW CoonCreole Cajun Cowboy
Brown Tabby ww
TICA SBT 122590 002
SGC,RW CoonCreole Zydeco
Brown Tabby ww, TICA SBT 072589 007
SGC Tennessee of CoonCreole
Fleur De Lis of CoonCreole
CH Cowtown Once in a Blue Moon
Blue Torbie, TICA SBT 122988 004
Cowtown Sugared Lynrd
Cowtown Marigold of Walmet
SGC BlueBlaze White Winds Adept Kethry
Brown Torbie
TICA SBT 011393 001
Acrith's Alabama Rebel of Kriscaj
Red Tabby, TICA SBT 1209991 022
Unicoon's Seamus MacPunkin
Yanikat Peggy Sue of Acrith
GRC BlueBlaze Sofia Magdalena
Silver Tabby, TICA SBT 122091 010
SGC,IW CoonCreole Crescent City Classic
CH L'Enchantacat Tasha Yar of BlueBlaze
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