CHA KatselKamolot's Sorceary of BlueBlaze
LaPlume's New Eara X Katsalkamolot's Magic Mirrear
There is a tradition at the Katselkamolot cattery - all folded ear kittens (and some of the straight ears) are given names that include "ear." We decided to honor this tradition when our Scottish Fold came to us. We were limited by the length of our cattery names, so we were looking for a thematic name that was also short. With a mother named Magic Mirrear, Sorceary seemed an obvious choice. This name was also chosen as a reminder of the Patricia Wrede & Caroline Stevermer book Sorcery and Cecelia aka The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, a delightful period romantic fantasy.
Although the first book was written in 1988, a sequel, The Grand Tour, that picked up just after the end of the first book was published in 2004. A third book, entitled The Mislaid Magician or Ten Years After is due out in late 2006.
cover art from Sorcery and Cecelia
cover art by Scott M. Fischer
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