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Deryni Checkmate cover art
cover art by Darrell K. Sweet
Deryni came by her name in a roundabout way. The naming "theme" from Magikatz is naming cats after magicians, both real and fictional. We wanted to keep in line with the theme, while finding a name from Fantasy literature. We finally settled on Deryni, the name of a race of people with magic powers, chronicled in a number of books by Katherine Kurtz.

BlueBlaze Princess Araxie Haldane
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Since 'Raxie is Deryni's daughter, we decided to stay with the Deryni theme. Princess Araxie is a distant cousin of King Kelson, who eventually becomes his Queen.
We highly recommend the entire Deryni series, and all of Katherine's other books.
King Kelson's Bride cover art
cover art by Jon Sullivan
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