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BlueBlaze Saint Alia O' The Knife

BlueBlaze Lady Jessica
SGC,RW BlueBlaze Keighvin Silverhair X                        
                        SGC,RW BlueBlaze Demon O' The Snow

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At the time Alia and Jess were born, the Sci-Fi Channel was airing a Dune miniseries (highly recommended!). So we kinda had Dune on the brain. The entire litter was given names from Dune. Lady Jessica is a Bene Gesserit "witch," wife to Duke Leto Atreides and mother to Paul Mau'dib and Alia.

For more infomation on the Dune miniseries and its sequel, Children of Dune, visit the official Sci-Fi Channel website.
Dune DVD Cover Art
Dune Cover Art
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SGA,RW BlueBlaze Count Hasimir Fenring
Calimar Yankee Rebel of Acrith X BlueBlaze Saint Alia O' The Knife

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Joker got his name for two related reasons. Firstly, he is Alia's son, and it seemed somehow appropriate to continue with the Dune theme. The Dune universe is rich in images . . . and names.

The other reason concerns how Joker got the particular name he did. Joker's original destiny was to be a BlueBlaze stud cat. We loved his look. We loved everything about him. But his testicles just refused to descend. Both. Of. Them. The Character of Count Fenring is an interesting one. He is deeply involved in galactic politics, he is married to a Bene Gesserit (and they are shoulder deep in politics) and he is a very close friend of the reigning Padisha Emperor, Shaddam IV. He is also a genetic eunuch. 'Nuf said.
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QGC,RW Cloistercoon RM Anirul of BlueBlaze
Cloistercoon's Christian Brother X Cloistercoon BitOHoney
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Anirul is another crossover-theme cat. The naming "theme" from Cloistercoon is giving cats names with religious connections, from any and every religion. We wanted to keep in line with that theme, while finding a name from Fantasy literature.
Between the Dune miniseries produced by the Science Fiction channel, and the new new books being written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson, we had Dune somewhat on the brain, and named a number of cats after characters from the Dune universe.
The RM in Ani's name is short for Reverend Mother. Ani's full name is Reverend Mother Anirul, the Bene Gesserit who marries Shaddam IV, Padisha Emperor of the known universe, a character introduced in one of the Dune prequels, House Atreides.

For more information on the continuation of Frank Herbert's Dune, visit the Official Dune Website or Kevin J. Anderson's website.
House Atreides Cover Art
cover art by Stephen Youll
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