BlueBlaze Memories - CH Kriscaj Delilah Kaidin of BlueBlaze
"Del" aka "THE Pink Cat"
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CH Kriscaj Delilah Kaidin of BlueBlaze
Cream Silver Classic Tabby
Delilah was a part of one of the last litters produced by Kriscaj cattery. She was born in February 1995, shortly before the cattery closed. Originally intended as a breeding cat, the decision was made to neuter Delilah when she didn't get as large as we expected. By this time, Delilah was so attached to Mike that she ended up one of our permanent residents.

Del's favorite place to hang out is on the T.V., where she artfully drapes her tail in front of the screen.

We lost Del to cancer in early 2006. It's just not the same without her.

Delilah on the TV
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