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In real life, Elektra is a dinosaur. That is to say, she is skilled at programming computers . . . mainframe computers . . . in IBM Assembly Language. As her primary skill set is no longer particularly useful towards finding gainful employment, Elektra has moved into PC programming and website design. She also works as a freelance proofreader and copyediter, mostly in Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Elektra is also a Journeyman in the International Costumer's Guild, and a sometime member of the Sick Pups (the greater New York/New Jersey chapter of said Guild). Her penchant for dressing as the character Elektra, after all, earned her a new name.

While in graduate school, Elektra acquired her motorcycle license. She is currently riding a 1986 Kawasaki, having failed in recent years to find anything she likes half so much.

Elektra Lives Again cover
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ZL 600
Elektra's Kawasaki ZL600

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