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Garfield's Excellent Adventure
How Garfield Came Home and Where He is Now

Cats of the Finger Lakes gives a BIG thank you to

regal entertainment group regal cinemas 10

in Ithaca, NY for our newest [and largest] club member

large Garfield & Michael stars of hope poster

Garfield was raffled off by our local Regal Cinema as part of their Stars of Hope campaign to raise money for charity. Garfield will be used by the club to promote shows and educational events throughout the Finger Lakes Region.
Mike with Neroon & Elektra with Moonlight
Mike (holding Neroon the maine coon) &
Elektra (holding Moonlight the bengal)
claim Garfield at the Regal Cinema 10
Mike with wiggling Neroon
Neroon would like to check out the rest of the theater...
Mike and Neroon
Mike and Neroon share a quiet moment
Mike and Shirley Bowen
Mike with Shirley Bowen, one of the managers at the Regal Cinema 10
Now it's time for Garfield to head for home, but he won't fit in the car in all his glory, so . . .
Deflating Garfield 1 Deflating Garfield 2
Deflating Garfield 5 Deflating Garfield 6
Deflating Garfield 9 Deflating Garfield 12
Deflating Garfield 13 Deflating Garfield 14
Garfield in a Box
Where Garfield ended up
tabby cat dividing line

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