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Cats of the Finger Lakes
"In the heart of New York's Wine Country"
Wine, Felines & Song 2005 TICA Annual Show
International Awards Banquet
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3 & 4 September 2005 gold lyre Onondaga County Convention Center
800 South State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202-3017
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12 Ring Continuous Format Show
10 Allbreed Rings ~ 2 Specialty Rings

Frances Yow, Lindajean Grillo, Sue Becknell, Nancy Parkinson, Edith-Mary Smith, Haruyo Tommonari, Alice Rhea, Aline Noel, Massimo Picardello, Vickie Fisher

Bobbie Tullo, Connie Webb

Thanks to Everyone who Worked So Hard!

Show Managers: Mike Hammond & Mike Dentico

Entry Clerk: Susan Hamrick

Vendor Coordinator: Judy Dole

Banquet Coordinator: Nancy Fox

Education Ring Coordinator: Marylou Anderson

Travel Coordinator: Nancy Parkinson

T-shirt Designer/Artist Laureate: Hannah M.G. Shapero

Show Announcer: Bob Mullen

Royal Canin Liaison: Sharon Lund

Official Photographer: Chanan

All Our Sponsors

And the members of WFC & CoFL
Annual t-shirt

Annual T-shirt design
Westchester Feline Club

President: Michael Dentico
Vice President: Sandy Adler
Treasurer: Don Silver
Secretary: Sheila Dentico
Counselor: Connie Webb

Nancy & Ed Fox, Barri Giardelli, Paolo Marques, Steve Moniz, Randy Ogoff, Patricia Price, Marvie & Joe Russell, Mary Super, Eloise Weinsteiger

Cats of the Finger Lakes

President: Mike Hammond
Vice President: Mark Sanford
Secretary: Elektra Hammond
Treasurer: Dave & Kathy Parrish
Counselor: Frances Yow
Artist Laureate: Hannah M.G. Shapero

Eve & Dennis George, Barri Giardelli, Susan & David Hamrick, Holly Howard, Pat Klimack, Eileen Lash, Cindy Cappa-Madore & Terry Madore, Kristen McGrath, Marci & David Nader, Nancy Parkinson, Kathy, Linda, Sara & Laura Robinson, Rae Sammis & Gene Wolfthal, Janet & Marv Whitman

Member Emeritus:
Rebekah Cumbie

Official "Friends of the Club":
Susan Adler, Judy Dole, B.J. McDowell

Thanks also to the Friday Setup Crew:
Catherine Betts, Bill Brown, Cindy Carpenter, Maureen Davies, Rachel Dudley, Susan Erickson, Carol Sue Hale, Jane Johnson, Judea, Judy Mackey, Poppy Schofield, Stephanie Smith, Karen Stoner, Kevin & Tamara Tallman & family

To the T-Shirt Sales Crew:
Sandy Adler, Jaime Christian & Mike Vasquez, Sheila Dentico, Joanne & Melissa Eichler, Vickie & Larry Fisher, Bob Mullen, Nancy Parkinson, Massimo Picardello, Hugh Price, Bobbie Tullo

And to Everyone who made a donation to the Club:
Melissa Alexander, Zina Avrutova, Bill Brown, Rebecca Brown, Vanadis Crawford & Chris Unangst, Ken G Davis, Catherine & Jonathan Gargill, Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz, Marilyne Keith, Pat Killmaier, Tamara Kirkbride-Tallman, Jane Lee, Pat & Ernie Marengo, Kristin McGrath, Marylou & Ed Meinholz, David Nudleman, Peter Perez, Bonnie & Mike Pilar, Gloria Rowson, Jennifer Sable & Jean Thompson, Stephanie Smith, Eloise Weinsteiger

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