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Upcoming CEU Opportunities
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10/10 Evergreen Cat Fanciers Tukwila, WA Breed Seminar - History of the Cat World - Part I
Instructors: Pat Harding (Siamese, Abyssinian); Sue Becknell (Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest, Siberian)
Info: Elaine Hawksworth-Weitz
10/12 Tokyo, JAPAN Breed Seminar - Abyssinian, Norwegian Forest, Ragdoll, Turkish Angora and others; 1pm-5pm
Instructor: Mrs. Haruyo Tomonari

weekly TICA Classes Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA Info: Carlos Arrietta
5411 4522 4519
6/5&6 CEU Sojourn Philadelphia/Newark,DE
exact location TBA
Judging School, Genetics Seminar, Breed Seminars
Overall Moderator: Connie Webb
Info: Elektra Hammond

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