BlueBlaze Alters - SGC,RW CoonCreole Red Sonja of BlueBlaze
"Pooh Cat"
SGC,IW,OS CoonCreole Crescent City Classic X CajunCoon Mardi Gras Mambo
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Sonja came to BlueBlaze from Dan & Judy Chappetta, as part of a trade. She flew in from Mississippi, and immediately made herself at home. Sonja was an excellent show cat, and went on to have a very successful career as a show alter when she was retired from the breeding program. These days, Sonja can most often be seen in her catbed, which sits right next to my laptop, supervising my work on the computer. She still makes the occasional show appearance, and continues to impress, always doing well, and still bringing home the occasional ribbon. Sonja is a remarkable cat, and we're proud to have her living with us.

Thanks Dan & Judy!

Sonja on the computer table
SGC,RW CoonCreole Red Sonja of BlueBlaze
Brown Classic Torbie
1997 TICA Northeast Region Best Maine Coon Alter
1997 TICA Northeast Region 3rd Best Alter
Sonja Sonja's Pedigree

Sonja     Sonja
Sonja being judged by Judy Chappetta at Karousel Kats 3 Februay 2006
at the age of 14 1/2
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