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"White Cat"
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Demon, aka "THE White Cat" is one of the nicest females we've produced (so far). And she knows it, too. This regal creature allows us to take care of her, as is her due.

The White Cat is a 4th generation BlueBlaze cat and her parents are SGC,RW Britches Derby of MtKittery and QGC BlueBlaze Arafel The Last Elf. When we saw her Sire being shown by Bunty Washburn (MtKittery Maine Coons), we were so impressed with him that off went Arafel for breeding.

While The White Cat is now retired, she is still jealously possessive of Mike, and spends alot of time in his lap.

Demon's Pedigree
Demon O' The Snow
SGC,RW BlueBlaze Demon O' The Snow
1999 TICA Northeast Region 15th Best Kitten
2000 TICA Northeast Region 10th Best Allbreed Cat
Young Demon O' The Snow
Demon as a kitten
Demon O' The Snow
Demon O' The Snow at home

Demon O' The Snow at home
Demon O' The Snow Demon in the Recycle Bin
Demon in the Recycle Bin

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