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"The Nose"
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The Nose was our first foray into New Breed territory. Late in 2001, Robin Stone brought Cyrano over and asked for an evaluation of his type. Afterwards, she offered him to us as a show cat, to exhibit in what was then the New Breed and Color class. As Cyrano was the world's cutest kitten, we had no choice but to say yes.

A seal point and white, Cyrano's dark markings on his nose made it look very prominent, leading to his name of Cyrano (after Cyrano de Bergerac, the famous large-nosed swordsman from the play by Edmond Rostand>. Over time, Cyrano degraded to Cyranose, and eventually to simply "The Nose."

While exhibiting Cyrano did contribute (a wee teensy bit) to the acceptance of the munchkin for championship competition, he is one generation short of being eligible to compete at that level. So he remains a happy homebody.
Rubyslipper Cyrano of BlueBlaze
Seal Point and White Munchkin Longhair Neuter
"The First Day We Saw Him"
Cyrano Cyrano at a show
Cyrano being presented by Aline Noel
Cyrano on top of the cat tree
"I'm the King of the Mountain!"
Cyrano in the house
Cyrano safe at home
Cyrano Cyrano on top of the cat tree
Cyrano on top of the world
Cyrano in October 2006
Cyrano in October 2006

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