BlueBlaze Alters - SGA,RW BlueBlaze Bernard Grimes Rhodenbarr
"Bernie" aka "Mrs. Rhodenbarr's Little Boy Bernie"
GRC ARKatz Hondo of Kriscaj X Kriscaj Beka Rosselin of BluBlaze

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Bernie is one of 6 six males (3 silver classic tabbies, 3 silver mackerel tabbies) born to GRC ARKatz Hondo of Kriscaj & Kriscaj Beka Rosselin of BlueBlaze. Bernie is 6 generations from foundation, making him showable in all associations. His mother, Beka, is only 5th generation, and registerable as a breeder only in CFA. Bernie was the last of the litter we had for sale (we had been hoping for a FEMALE to keep), and as things dragged on we became attached to him. We tried showing Bernie as a lark, and he was very successful in the show ring. At home, Bernie takes care of all the girls, and they all adore him.
Bernie's Pedigree

Bernard Grimes Rhodenbarr
Mrs. Rhodenbarr's little boy Bernie
SGA,RW BlueBlaze Bernard Grimes Rhodenbarr
Silver Mackerel Tabby
1998 TICA Northeast Region 5th Best Alter

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