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SGA,RW Bengaland Moonlighting of BlueBlaze
Seal Sepia Spotted Tabby Bengal Neuter
2000 TICA 3rd Best International Bengal Alter
2000 TICA Northeast Region 4th Best Alter
Moonlighting Moonlighting

Moonlighting aka THE BenGAL came to us from the fine folks at Bengaland. We met Moonlight's mother, "Spot", when she was just 8 months old, at her first adult show. She is a show stopper. But we did let her owners know that we'd love to show a snow bengal in the alter class, and to let us know if they ever had a kitten availble. When Spotlight had her first litter, we were offered a kitten. We went to see the litter when they were just 3 weeks old, and immediately fell in love.
We showed Moonlight for the 1999-2000 show season. We are very proud of his finish as 3rd Best Bengal Alter in TICA, which we think is the best a snow had done to that point. Moonlight also appeared in the Cat Fancy issue featuring the Bengal, and his brother, Bengaland DiVinci Wintrsky of Tahoe, was the centerfold.
Moonlight has occasionally turned up at a show here and there, just to visit all of his fans, including an appearance at On Safari 2004.
Moonlighting as a kitten Moonlighting as a kitten
Moonlight as a kitten
Moonlight & Heart
Moonlight & his best buddy, Heart

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